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  The Bankruptcy Mortgage Mediation Process is very successful and has enabled many people to keep their homes.

To apply for a modification you will generally have to provide:  a hardship letter explaining what prevented you from making your payments, complete a request for mortgage assistance form (RMA), complete a Form 4506T (which is a request for a copy of your income tax returns in transcript form), copies of your pay stubs, copies of your bank statements, copies of a utility bill to prove you reside in the home, you will complete a Dodd-Frank Certification form which confirms that you have not been convicted of a crime within the last 10 years in connection with a mortgage or real estate transaction, furthermore you will sign a borrower authorization firm authorizing Stephen Berlinsky as your attorney to speak with the lender.  In some cases you will also provide contribution documents if a spouse or relative not liable on the loan is willing to provide you with financial assistance to obtain a modification.                                                                                                      After you complete all the forms I request that my clients schedule an appointment to meet with me in person for an appointment that will last about one or two hours, to go over your forms page by page to make sure they are complete.

The Bankruptcy Mortgage Mediation Process followed by the Bankruptcy Courts in Florida in my opinion has the best probability for a homeowner to retain their home by receiving a mortgage modification.

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