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If you do not take the proper action you may be evicted in as little as 60 days.

The proper exercise of your legal rights may result in substantial delay or even prevent the foreclosure of your home.

I focus on helping people in your situation everyday. Having handled thousands of foreclosure suits and creditor disputes, in state and bankruptcy courts, I know the full extent of your legal rights and can explain them clearly and completely to you.

I was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1969, and I am admitted to practice in the Middle District of Florida. I have brought or defended mortgage foreclosures for over 20 years. Over 95% of my practice since 1997 has been limited to matters pertaining to real property law, appearing in foreclosure related matters in state civil courts and federal bankruptcy courts, or real property and/or mortgage closings. I worked three years as a title examiner for a national title insurance company and have handled thousands of real estate and mortgage closings during the past 35 years.

Using my knowledge and experience, I will work to exercise your legal rights so that you may: maximize your opportunity to save your home and equity, or sell your home for full market value and/or refinance your home. I can advise you on steps to take, and can handle the issues relating to selling a home in foreclosure by doing your closing for you.

I want to help you. BUT, YOU MUST ACT NOW! Pursuant to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure have only only 20 calandar days from the date of service to reply to the lawsuit.

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